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Tips For Preparation for SSC CGL | Top Books for SSC preparation

Tips For Preparation for SSC-CGL :

Aspirants who decide to prepare for SSC CGL or CHSL exams spend some time in the beginning to get the right booklist. Because of not understanding which book to read, how much to read, many do not reach the level of preparation they should have reached after one year.

I discussed numbers the day before. I will discuss the rest in detail. But before that I want to name some of the most effective and sufficient books for CGL tier 1. Remember that there are many books in the market, but our goal is to get maximum benefit by using minimum resources.
Subject : English

1. English for general competitions by Neetu Singh (volume 1) 2. Objective General English by SP Bakshi .
The two books contain Grammar and Vocabulary. Any one of these books will be sufficient but personally I would say the first book for Grammar and the second book for Vocabulary will be more effective. So it is better to buy both.
This book is the most essential book for ssc exams. This book contains previous years questions set. They must be practiced before the test.
The Vocabulary given at the beginning of this book is also very important.
This book is a compilation of Vocabulary.
Subject : Quantitative Aptitude

1. SSC Arithmetic By Rakesh Yadav ( for Arithmetic only) 2. SSC advanced Mathematics by Rakesh Yadav ( for algebra, geometry, mensuration and trigonometry) 3. SSC Mathematics by Rakesh Yadav ( compilation of Previous year questions papers) 4. Class notes of mathematics by Rakesh Yadav ( mainly because of applying short cut methods) These books are sufficient for tier 1 examination.

Remember R S Aggarwal, M Tyra, Rajesh Verma these books are definitely good, but the methods of their solution out dated, especially for the ssc exam, I would not recommend it at all.
You will need to read some more books for Tier 2. I will let them know later.
Subject : GK

1. General knowledge by Lucent 2. General knowledge by Manohar Pandey
To read GK, you should never follow the previous year mcq set book, one liner book. First you have to read the details. There is not much benefit after randomly mcq. In this case, the first two books are very good. It would be best if someone could read the books of class 9-10 again, especially the History and biology part. Also I am saying the name of an unknown book. It will be very good for revision.
3. General Study one liner by Cosmos publication (Gist of NCERT) Volume one and two. For current affairs, following the daily testbook and giving daily CA quizzes will be quite beneficial. This will be discussed in detail later.
Subject : Reasoning

For reasoning, you have to buy a previous year questions book of any publication. First you will see the important chapters from YouTube and then you will solve the previous questions. Then the exam of reasoning miscellaneous set will be given online. There is no need for anything else. I will discuss the subject for English, Reasoning and GK separately later. I will discuss how to read there and how and where to give online mock test. Note: 1. Many people say: Hello! , name any book. I tell them there is no single book for any subject for ssc which will be sufficient. So it is better to buy at least the books that I said. Many people say I have x books, should I buy y books? Every book on this list is needed. Even if someone is in financial difficulties, I will tell you to buy these books with difficulty. Because these books are a lifetime investment. I can assure you that this investment will reap you high benefits in near future.
2.No one can get a job just buying books. For that you have to give a lot of practice and mock test. So we have to make maximum use of the books.

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