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First of all , the "Best" is a term that is a subjective word that vary person to person.  Before we discuss about the books , we need to understand the concepts and applications while preparing for JEE MAINS and ADVANCED  as it is going to be crucial for obtaining a better score in Maths .

For picking the right book, you need to know the components of all such great books with the goal that you can pick the most reasonable one according to your learning speed and arrangement levels. Regardless of which book you pick, you should adhere to JEE Advanced syllabus given on the official website.

JEE Advanced, being the last and the hardest one, requires a great deal of consideration and exhaustive planning. The initial move towards JEE Advanced planning is picking the right arrangement of books. Books will direct you and will make your training total. There are a ton of books accessible for JEE Advanced Mathematics yet each is useful for certain sections.

Cengage Mathematics

This publication (Cengage) has published tons  of books for both JEE Main and Advanced. Few books cover only questions and solutions (New Pattern Mathematics for JEE Main and Advanced) and there are unit wise books (Cengage JEE Advanced Maths for 2021 - Set of 5 Books)  explaining theory , solved examples along with  unsolved questions. In case  you have sufficient notes to cover theory portions  from materials provided by  Coaching Institutes or elsewhere, then you can directly go for their books  which cover  only questions. JEE Aspirants who are either contemplating all alone or don't have adequate materials can go for the unit wise books and can likewise consider planning to prepare theories from it.

The books published by Cengage are truly good for chapters such as complex numbers, probability, calculus and permutation and combination. In a nutshell, these aforementioned books  are  complete package for any aspirants aiming to excel in JEE.

Arihant Mathematics

Choosing between Cengage and Arihant can be really confusing for any serious jee aspirants . I will explain the difference between Cengage and Arihant publications.

If you have better command over concepts or have already been solving any coaching materials, go straight away  to cengage as it would give you challenging problems to practice. But in case you've just started and have time to prepare well, go for this publication.

The Arihant books can be compared with  the Cengage books. This publication has unit wise books- [ Arihant Mathematics Jee Main & Advanced sets of 7 books]  as well as books containing questions only. One can choose either of them depending on their requirements. The Arihant books can be used if one wants to be specialized in theory. They explained all proofs and the other theories in general. They have also provided  lots of solved examples and have given alternate methods of solving various questions .Apart from that there are small tips and tricks given in between the theories which is icing on the cake.

The Arihant book of Coordinate Geometry for JEE Main and Advanced by SK Goyal can be considered as one  of the best books for JEE Advanced coordinate geometry. It covers every possible type of questions  ranging from easy to tough. It will prepare aspirants  for JEE Mains as well as Advanced.

TMH Mathematics

The TMH mathematics book Complete Mathematics for JEE Main 2021 has a good level of questions. Aspirants may not find detailed theory in this book. There is crisp and concise theory befitted with solved examples and unsolved questions.  In case you want to buy this, better buy it before your 12th class because it is hard to complete the whole book in few months just before exam.

Apart from the aforementioned books, I would like to add  few more books.

Best Mathematics Books For JEE Main and Advanced 2022 : 

  1. IIT JEE Mathematics (Arihant's 42 years JEE Solved Papers)
  2. IIT Mathematics For JEE (Main & Advanced) (Set Of 2 Volumes)
  3. JEE Advanced Mathematics - Algebra | First Edition | By Pearson Paperback
  4. IIT Mathematics by Asit Das Gupta
  5. Advanced Problems in Mathematics for JEE (Main & Advanced)
  6. The Elements Of Coordinate Geometry by S L Loney
  7. Objective Mathematics by R D Sharma
  8. Integral Calculus by Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)
  9. Differential Calculus by Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)
  10. Play with Graphs by Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)


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